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Modern Ceiling Track Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling light fixtures are some of the most commonly used lighting fixtures throughout your home. One great form of ceiling lighting is track lighting fixture. Track lighting is a modern, innovative and especially versatile lighting solution.

Track lighting fixtures are usually spotlights that can be angled or moved to suit lighting needs that fit into a metal track. This type of lighting is very useful in situations where traditional lighting is problematic. It can be very effective for isolating a work of art or other prominent design element. Several pin spot lamps can be installed in a single track and pointed in any number of directions. Traditional spotlights may take up valuable space on a mantle or table, and the backlighting effect from below is often unpleasant. Track lighting allows floodlights and spotlights to be hung unobtrusively from the ceiling.

Some home renovators also find lighting solutions for older homes to be tricky, and instead of trying to install new wiring in an old ceiling, decorators can use surface-mounted track lighting instead. Manufacturers offer a number of decorative lamps and extensions designed to work with track bases. The main trick when working with this type of system is to know which of three basic track models have been installed. This information should be listed somewhere in the instruction manual included with the lamps and track. Some systems use a two-wire connector, while others use a three-wire grounded system or a wider two-wire connection. Lamps and extenders designed for one type of track will not fit any other design. Track lighting fixtures have seen an emergence of low voltage fixtures mainly because consumers wanted smaller track fixtures in their homes. The smaller sizes have allowed for the production of many new compact fixture styles for both track heads as well as pendants.

Track lighting falls into three categories – H, J, and L types. If you plan to work on this project yourself, you need to identify which type you are working with first of all. If you are installing new then it is strongly suggested that you use the H type because it is newer and has more design advantages. The track lighting fixtures are a very important part of the whole lighting scenario and they will eventually be what everyone who enters your home will see. Of course, you will want to integrate them with your d├ęcor and at the same time offer some versatility.

There are really many fixtures to choose from and you will want to make sure that you choose the perfect ones.

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